Kingdom Hearts is a combination of Disney’s worlds and Square’s design. It’s one of the best RPG Games today. This walkthrough should give you useful information that you need for this RPG Game.

The Awakening

The Awakening is a dream world where an outcome actually happens in the real world. Take this as a tutorial part of the game. There are five platforms in The Awakening.

First Platform – You will control Sora, the game’s main character. Pick between a shield, staff or a sword. You can’t choose one without sacrificing the other. What you select would determine your stats and what abilities you will need to learn upon leveling up.

You’ll be fighting Shadows in the Second Platform. Don’t worry though as they are weak and low-damaging. The only thing you need to remember is you can’t hit them when they become literal shadows — this is when they are on the ground. Wait until they come back up and watch for them creeping up from behind.

Third Platform – Open a chest and a wooden crate appears. Pick it up and throw it for your Potion. You will do the same with a barrel and be transported to another island. You will see a treehouse with three children. Chances are you know these children.

Each one of them will ask you a question and you will need to choose an answer.

Fourth Platform – Here you will need to accept your path and move on to the game. When you defeat 10 Shadows, you’ll get your first Save Point. You can use it to get to another platform. It’s also advisable to get your Potion ready first.

Fifth Platform – You’ll meet the Darkside on this platform and he will indirectly attack you using his arm. Make sure you dodge. Shadows will also likely give you a hard time here. Your main goal here is to keep attacking the Darkside’s arm. Attack the head as well when you see it. That is one of his weak points. You will be rewarded with 2 tech points when you do this.

After this, you will be transported to your new home.

Destiny Islands

Meet Kairi and Riku at Destiny Islands. Both of them are Sora’s friends. Get ready to build the raft and explore new places! At the Seashore, you get to battle Selphie, Wakka or Tidus. There are no treasures here nor at the Seaside Shack. The latter does have a Save Point though. Look for the Protech Chain treasure at the Cove. You will find a crate near the stairs. Push it to get to the cave. You may use the crate to get there. Open the chest to get the treasure. Talk to Kairi for your other tasks and items for the raft. For the Mini Bosses, train with Tidus to get more experience and technique points. Get 2 technique points every time you attack him. You can do the same with the other Mini Bosses. When you defeat all three, you will get a Potion. On Day 2, you will be told to collect provisions for your raft. You’ll need 2 coconuts, 3 fish, 3 mushrooms, drinking water and a seagull egg. At night, it’s best to just run away from Heartless as your wooden sword will not have an effect on them. Get to the bridge on a smaller island to receive your Keyblade that you can use for defeating your enemies and gaining more experience. Your boss at Destiny Islands will be Darkside. This time he will have new attack patterns. Whack the balls with the Keyblade and don’t forget to keep hitting his head for extra points.