The Sims Medieval is unlike any other Sims game because it’s not a spin-off from any of the other games. In this version of Sims, you get to be the higher power or “Watcher” of the medieval kingdom. After you see the Sim’s foolish acts like destroying property, you send heroes down to restore the land and make things right. You simultaneously play as the heroes and the Watcher.

Are you intrigued?

Before you can restore the land, you have to go through kingdom ambitions. But, how do you conquer ambitions and what are they? We’ve created The Sims Medieval Ambition Guide to help you.

What are ambitions in the Sims Medieval?

Have you ever had a wish or goal you have to accomplish before moving to the next level in your career or some aspect of your life? That’s how kingdom ambitions work in The Sims Medieval. As the Watcher, you appoint an overall goal or ambition for the heroes to work towards to get the medieval kingdom back in order.

The first ambition that every player starts from is the “New Beginnings” and going forward in the game, you will be able to unlock the other 11 ambitions.

Here are the different kingdom ambitions you can expect to see:

  • New Beginnings
  • No Quest for the Weary
  • Imperial Domination
  • Fame
  • Safe and Sound
  • Hard Workers
  • Thoughts and Prayers
  • Efficient Expander
  • Wealthy Populace
  • Best in Show
  • Legendary
  • Filled Coffers

When you’re completing the ambitions, you’ll also have a component called quests and quest points. We’ll explain what those are and how they’re used too.

Is there a difference between Quests and Ambitions?

If ambitions are the overall goal then quests are the steps to get you there. The quests create the storyline of your hero’s adventure! When your hero completes a quest he or she gains more experience and gets closer to conquering the kingdom ambitions.

How do you unlock ambitions in the Sims Medieval?

Unlocking ambitions can be tricky, but simple too. One of the ways to unlock ambitions is figuring out an approach to defeat quests. Every time you successfully complete a quest it adds or detracts to the kingdom’s aspects that determine what life is like living as a Sim in your kingdom.

However, there’s more that goes into completing quests. There are different levels within each quest that you want to aim for. The four levels are bronze, silver, gold, and platinum.

To win the quest, you’ll want to achieve at least one of the four levels. We suggest aiming for platinum because it provides the most points and better rewards that will expedite the process.

You’ll also need quest points to purchase the quests you need to finish the ambition. Before you buy any of the quests, think about how it will get you closer to the objective of your ambition and if it’s worth the cost.

In The Sims Medieval, you’ll want to have enough quest points to unlock all of the necessary quests to complete the ambition. However, to successfully complete the ambition you need to spend all of the points when you get to the last quest for the game to recognize the completion.

In the end, all of these elements will give you access to the next level of ambitions and win the game.

Play The Sims Medieval Today

We hope the tips in this guide helped you get a better understanding of The Sims Medieval’s ambitions. We also want to remind you to make sure you always have a strategy when spending your quest points to make it to the end of the ambition. Keep in mind that ambitions are the main objective and key to winning overall. Most importantly, have fun playing The Sims Medieval and let us know if The Sims Medieval Ambition Guide helped you understand ambitions and what they are!