Some games are designed to offer short-lived excitement, but there are those that you sweat over, deep into the night, slowly keeping you engaged. Kingdom building games fall under the latter category. The essence is to build an empire, protect it from other villain characters, and conquer other kingdoms to expand your turf. While there are many games available for casual gamers, we have compiled a list of the top kingdom building games you can play and end the monotony of the ancient Clash of Clans.

1. Dwarf Fortress

Imagine a city or kingdom without the fascinating midget creatures called dwarfs? Dwarf Fortress is a stand-alone indie gem that engages players with impressive city and kingdom management features.

The amusement in playing this game is underscored by the fact that players require players to protect their dwarfs from an onslaught. Using the controls, gamers must micromanage their group of dwarfs with a sole aim: To prevent them from turning against each other in gruesome and grisly wars.

A popular empire-building game, Dwarf of Fortress, is a complex game that tests your mettle in gaming. It is a complex game, primarily through its ASCII display that makes the display on your mobile or PC appear busy with a range of controls.

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2. Boom Beach

A seaside kingdom seems to be highly vulnerable to unwelcome attacks from the enemies, but the shoreline gives the empire limitless opportunities to safeguard it. Boom Beach is another one of the most popular kingdom building games mobile.

Gamers barely get the real thrill of the game until the kingdom comes under attack. Online opponents will try to attack the beach and desecrate the empire, and it is your role to fend off your attackers and bolster your defenses.

Unlike other top kingdom building games, Boom Beach has a relatively lengthy campaign mode. That’s a gameplay element that you can barely find in most empire building games available online. Switch to a multi-player mode or try out co-op missions, and you’ll find yourself immersed in the game for hours.

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3. Islanders

Building empires from scratch is challenging, but raising an island utopia from scratch sounds fun. Islanders is a sprawling and bright city on a tiny island, and your role is to make sure it thrives through and through, from small villages to a vast and bustling kingdom.

A unique aspect of Islanders is that you need not gather resources to build the kingdom. Once you surpass your high score, you unlock new buildings and arrange them as a puzzle to expand your real estate. The result is a modular construction design, with every additional structure earning you points. Gamers procedurally advance to new islands. That means you face a new and unique challenge from the previous campaign. Get this game on

4. Brave Conquest

A relatively new kingdom building video game, Brave Conquest boasts being one of the RTS-type games. Hence, players build their empires on a grid pattern.

You have the chance to create and train your own army and face your opponents on a battlefield. During your conquest and expeditions, you can take on real opponents online or play against the PC. Opponent units in this game can also attack and defend against your troops. Your role is to expand your kingdom by killing your attackers using your resources: troops, heroes, and magical spells.

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5. Banished

As the name suggests, Banished is one of the top kingdom building games that appeal to gamers who relish the challenge of difficult beginnings. Your objective is to settle down exiled travelers and start a city. It’s challenging because you pitched a tent during the low agricultural season.

Years pass and some of your subjects die due to starvation, especially the children, who depended on the community hunter. But now he died of illness. Your main objective is to ensure that the next generation thrives by searching for supplies and food.

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6. Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire

Join millions of other gaming enthusiasts by trying out the Castle Clash Empire building game. It ranks among the most popular video games in the world, with over 50 million downloads. Players try to build a castle, defend it, and attack your opponents.

One thing that appeals about this video game is that you can upgrade your heroes and lead them against your enemies. You can also add a co-op campaign against Team Dungeons for a more adrenaline gaming experience.

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7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is among the flagship indie games available online. It takes you to authentic country life with a farming simulation. That said, you not only build a kingdom, but you ensure that it thrives as well.

Featuring several genres, this game appealed to gamers as soon as it was released, a sign that there is an engaging factor about the game that tramps the dull sound of the name. Over 3.5 copies have been shipped since its launch in 2016.

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8. Dawn of Titans

Although Dawn of Titans came relatively later than other games in this list, it appeals to players with its advanced graphics and gameplay that most of its competitors have to offer.

Players need to defend your castle by leading thousands of troops against a legion of the same size, and that gives you a thrilling real war experience. There’s more! You can switch to a co-op mission or expand your kingdom by conquering other players online.

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