Humans, Zombies, and Survival—obviously almost all the elements of every zombie movie ever made (obviously).

We’ve all seen so many of these hit the screen but word from Netflix Peeps says that this
Korean-made zombie movie “Kingdom” is a unique, brilliant, edge of your seat watching experience.

So, is it worth the watch? Read and find out if Netflix’s Kingdom is YAY or NAY! (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)

1. Character

The Kingdom Korean movie is very intriguing, full of conflicts and dramatic scenes. The crown prince, who is the strongest protagonist, carries on the thrill in the movie as he faces numerous conflicts that need him to make wise decisions. We see him grow through his difficult moments and become wiser with time. Aside from the prince, the rest of the cast play outstanding roles building the dramatic scenes and even bringing some comic relief at some points in this nerve-wracking zombie movie. The show is pretty dense as the characters find themselves in deeper and deeper trouble.

2. Plot

The movie “kingdom set is in Joseon. The king succumbs to smallpox, and his crafty wife, together with her family, keep him alive via a “resurrection plant.” Unfortunately, this turns him into a zombie that eats flesh until her son is born. Previously, the king had a son with a concubine who is now the crown prince. The son to the king’s wife is to inherit the throne from this crown prince. The news of the king-turned into a zombie reaches other provinces. The zombie king kills his physician’s young assistant, and the body is brought back to his remote village of Dongnae that is dying of hunger. A former soldier who is also a patient secretly makes a stew of the dead body and serves the other patients turning them into flesh-eating monsters. The crown prince who had been in exile together with a nurse and other survivors begin to fight the kingdom zombie who have now become a major threat.

3. Conflict

Lee Chang, the crown prince and the rest of the survivors, are out to save the nation from the royal court that is teeming with snakes, and the zombies. They are in deep peril because they are outnumbered, and winter is approaching when the zombies are able to attack during the day. Meanwhile, queen Cho has seized the throne in Lee’s absence even though she had miscarried and is faking a continued pregnancy. She has imprisoned a number of pregnant mothers such that if one of them gives birth to a boy, she claims to be the mother. There is a thirst for power at the cost of the kingdom that is dying of hunger.

4. Resolution

A number of people rise to save the situation. Seo-bi, for example, risks her life to learning more about the resurrection plant in order to find a cure. Yeong-shin dares to help the starving people by availing food through tunnels. More people step up to try and fight the ravaging zombies. Every aspect and clarity of the set from the actions of the swords, the movement of characters to the breathtaking sceneries are enhanced by the HD resolution.

5. Structure

This Netflix Korean original TV series “Kingdom” is a unique show set in medial Korea. It’s a perfect fusion of the “World-War Z” and “The Walking Dead” that coins with the political intrigue of “Game of Thrones” and a rare virus that threatens to wipe the human race from the face of the world. The way this kingdom zombie show portrays how incompetence and greed lead to the collapse of society is a common phenomenon on our screens. What sets the Kingdom Korean Movie apart is its panoramic view of how “absolute power corrupts absolutes”. We can see how people of high political status are allowed to trample the powerless in times of crisis. The show itself is pretty dense with characters that keep moving deeper and deeper into immense trouble. This Kingdom Zombie’s structure is engaging and satisfying with 10/10 ratings.

6. Scenes

The rumors of the king’s death spread like wildfire, which was the beginning of the civil unrest. The current region was more focused on unearthing the traitors rather than dangers in the hordes. As the struggles for survival continues, we can clearly see the rift between the lucrative lives of those in power and the torturous lives of their subjects. The scenes display horror brought about by a deadly virus that shows the predominant rot compared to those with power and social class.

7. Dialogue

Just like any other horror movie, the zombies are, more often than not, the driving point of the narrative. Likewise, the conflict among certain groups of unaffected people representing the big nasty fights takes center stage of the rest of dialogue as any other horror movie does.

8. Visuals

The Kingdom Horror is filled with shots that cleverly linger on every scene to perfectly capture the impressive sets while simultaneously adeptly following the action during each fight. The locations the actions take place are meticulously selected to complete the action. The series shifts from magnificent royal-palace to the breathtaking countryside of the Korean Plains. The varying difference from the richly set in the palace to the poverty-stricken villagers exaggerates the sharp contrasts between the civilians and the wealthy political class.