This story is about a peasant boy who dreams to become one of the world’s best general and
a young useless king in dire need of allies in time of war. Who will win?

Kingdom Anime is a Japanese Manga that depicts the historical wars and power struggles that took place in China. Written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara, this anime is produced by a number of production and television companies that include NHK, Sogo Vision, and Pierrot, which also produced the award-winning TV series BLEACH. It features three seasons that brought together the largest number of voice actors, artists, and fans to ever feature in an anime. That won it a Guinness World Record in 2012. Ranking among the ten most popular Anime Japan, Kingdom guarantees to keep their audience glued on their screen for hours.

Unique Setting

The occurrences taking place in Kingdom Anime come at a time when the worlds of the gods and men have been divided for millions of years. Kingdom is a tale of two war-orphans named Shin and Hyou who endure hardship during the ‘Warring States Era”. Born in Qin, they both promise to themselves to become “The Greatest Generals of the Heavens.” One day, Hyou is forcefully taken to the palace for unknown reasons, leaving his friend working as a household slave. After a few months, Hyou returns to Shin in the brink of death and tells him to go to a village full of thugs. Shin departed and met a boy who looked identical to Hyou. He was Ei Sei, a boy-king of Qin. Shin then discovers that his friend doubled as Ei Sei and was killed on the verge of a power struggle. Shin overcomes his anger and vows to command Ei Sei’s troops to attack his [Ei’s] enemies as he sets his path to become Greatest General on the Planet.”

Less to Minimal Fan Service

While most of the recent Anime production relies on fanservice to keep their viewers glued, this seisin (Japan for “youth”) Manga has tried to keep bouncing anime breasts, skirts that cover half the butt, flaunting cleavages, and porny screams on the minimum. The producers did an excellent job doing that. Most viewers have expressed their uproar, saying fan service is a turn-off. Thing Kingdom Anime critics echoed that with the immersion and depth that story and its plot, introducing fan service would distract the audience, deviating them away from the theme and emotional complexity underscoring the plot.

Character Guide and Development

Character development is one aspect of this stand-alone anime that makes it one of the most popular. Each of them expresses a robust and distinct character that makes them weather the perilous warring period. Shin is the main protagonist in the TV series and for obvious reasons. In the beginning, he proves that he can successfully fight 100 men, and with his unit, he becomes indomitable. His team comprises generals and commanders whom he once subdued during the war of Qin Zaho. Shin started his military squad with 100 men, but they improved in skills and numbers. With a revamped energy, the troop, which included Kyoukai (lieutenant), KaRyo ten (strategist), Kaku bi, Hi Hyou troops, Monster four, and Naki clans (war elites), and a significant of footsoldiers who survived the war.

Stick Close to the Source Material (Manga)

Kingdom has over 600 chapters of the source material, Manga. The creators and producers of this series did a great job in the anime by including virtually everything in the source content without compromising the story. Furthermore, the scenes are well illustrated with coordinated movement, especially when it narrowed down to the fight scenes. For instance, the fight involving the assassin with the poison guard took a while to finish in the Manga. It takes place over a relatively shorter period in the manga, yet with plenty of details. No Manga reader would understand the assassin’s power without a proper introduction.


If you are a fan of Manga, one of the probable reasons may be because of their outstanding action scenes. The anime brought out visceral action moments that made sword fights feel real, sending your adrenaline to the roof. It showcases exceptional choreography with quick, intricate martial art movements that engage and elicit excitement. The anime excelled in creating an element of surprise, even to the fans who had already read the Manga and knew how it would play out. Kingdom is the sort of anime that will leave your eyes gazing anxiously on the screen and gripping tightly to your chair because of the fast-paced action. Although entertaining, the fighting and warring scenes don’t appear realistic entirely. That said, you can’t wait for a typical, realistic fight with over-the-top choreography.