A visit to one of America’s Disney Kingdoms is a dream come true for many families. Travelers spend years trying to save for these fairylike destinations, and each year, Walt Disney World attracts guests from all over the globe. What you’d expect is a plethora of characters ready to greet you, including your favorite Disney princesses.

Apart from the many attractions, amusement parks, and thrill rides, Disney buffs love exchanging Disney trivia such as “Where do Disney princesses live?” To uncover some of the truths and facts that make Disney kingdom genuinely bizarre and impressively fascinating. We’ve tried to reveal some of the secrets you didn’t know about Magical Disney kingdoms.

1. Ariel’s grotto is a real cave

Guests and children can meet and greet Ariel in her cavern, perched in the newly established Fantasyland within the Disney magical kingdom. To uninitiated fans, it may seem like Ariel’s abode is only themed like a cave, but the grotto is an actual cavern. Some of Ariel’s distinct characteristics are her mermaid tail and red hair. One fact unknown to many is that the color of her hair was a matter of debate between the studio producers and animators. The former wanted her to have blonde hair while the latter favored red hair. Fortunately, the animators won, saying the red would contrast perfectly with her blue dress. She has a daughter named Melody, making her the only princess to have a baby.

2. Princess Cinderella was Walt Disney’s favorite

We all have our favorite princess when it came to the Magic kingdoms, but Walt Disney openly revealed that his favorite princess was no other than Cinderella. At a particular time, Walt called Ilene Woods (who voice-acted Cinderella), telling her: “You know you are my favorite heroine.” Feeling surprised, she replied, “Is it Cinderella?” Walt then said, “Yes. That is because her story reminds me of some special and memorable parts of my life.”

3. Snow White is the youngest among Disney princesses

It is mind-blowing to any fairy-world fan that all the princesses are still in their teenage, despite gracing viewers’ screen for over 75 years. Snow White is the youngest among them with 14 years. That makes sense because she was the first one to be created while Elsa, who featured in the 2013 release of Frozen, was the last one to be created. FastPasses to Snow White’s palace are available. Her fans can meet her at her castle, located in Town Square, next to City Hall as you approach the Magic Kingdom.

4. There is no princess in Cinderella’s Castle

It is heart-breaking that the most iconic amusement park structure does not house a Disney princess. The castle-design apartment now holds but a restaurant, a gift shop, and incomplete fixtures of Walt Disney’s would-be home. It’s an architectural masterpiece that engineers designed, but Walt Disney met his demise before its completion. The space was later transformed into a hotel, and finding accommodation is almost impossible unless you’re lucky.

5. All Disney princesses were recreated in 2012 and 2013

Most of the Disney princesses and palaces gained popularity after the establishment of the franchise. Between 2012 and 2013, all the princesses were redesigned, including newcomers such as Tiana, Merida, and Rapunzel. This move elicited mixed reactions, and that is why animations featuring these characters in the lineup have two versions. For instance, Merida, in 2013’s Brave, appeared to have more hair, a leaner waist, and a brighter dress. Some animators think it makes her lose popularity as the princess who never conforms to princess duties. Other changes include Pocahontas and Mulan, who both got brighter skin tones.

6. Jasmine and Mulan: The only princess to ever wear pants

Whether they are relaxing in their Disney kingdoms or on an official meeting away, princesses wore dresses as a pre-requisite of their attire. In 1992, the unexpected occurred when the creators of Aladdin adorned Jasmine with pants, making her the first princess to dress as such. Mulan also broke the norm when she appeared in pants in a film in 1998. But where do these Disney princesses live? Guests can say “Hi” to Jasmine behind the awnings of the Magic Carpets in Adventureland (usually in the company of Aladdin). You can meet Mulan at Disney World, specifically at the entry point of the China Pavilion, in the World Showcase.